05 December, 2013

Midnapore Muharram Violence - Victory of Vote Bank Politics over Rule of Law ?

Above: Coverage in Kalam newspaper

Large scale disturbances and violence were witnessed during the Muharram procession in Midnapur district town (West Bengal) on the evening of 14th November, 2013. Clashes between Police and Muslims happened on a large scale. Many policemen were injured, at least 2 of them seriously.  At least 30 cars & 20 bikes were damaged. Multiple police cars were burnt. The deity of Bajrangbali was also broken in the temple of Mirza bazar area of Midnapur town. 

Police severely lathi-charged and arrested 42 miscreants. The Muslims demanded their release, however the Police refused. Then Muslims boycotted their Muharram procession with 26 tazias on 15th November. The Dist. Magistrate Muhammad Gulam Ali Ansari soon intervened. Later that night police released the arrested persons under pressure.

Isn't this a victory of Vote Bank Politics over Law & Order, Justice and Humanity ?

02 December, 2013

RB Sreekumar’s acquittal order in the fake ISRO spy case - Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA)

Above: RB Sreekumar’s acquittal order - Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA)

Former Gujarat DGP RB Sreekumar, known for his association with activist Teesta Setalvad for raising issues related to riots and encounters against Gujarat Government had allegedly master-mind to brand a patriotic scientist Dr. Nambi Narayanan of ISRO as a traitor and fabricated a espionage case against him. Despite his heinous crime affecting nation’s interest, all the charges against him, were dropped by UPA Government.

During 1994, RB Sreekumar was Dy. Director, Intelligence Bureau (IB), in Trivandrum and was entrusted the investigation in the ISRO espionage case. Sreekumar not only brand Dr. Narayanan as traitor but also ill-treated him including physical torture during his 50 days custody.

Narayanan, an Indian scientist of repute started his career way back in 1966 with ISRO. He was sent him to Princeton University for further studies. Narayanan, who completed his Ph.D, got attractive offers that include one from NASA, but he preferred to work for his country and adhered with ISRO.

It was Narayanan who introduced the Liquid Fuel Rocket Technology in India in early 1970, when former President of India A.P.J Abdul Kalam was scientist and his team was working on Solid Motors. The above facts suggest that Narayanan was one of the top scientists of India and never enticed by lucrative offers. The fallout of the ISRO spy case led to a brilliant Rocket scientist losing his entire career and in the process, the nation suffered immensely.

In December 1994, the case was handed over to CBI. On 01.05.1995, CBI submitted the closure report in a special court in Kochi stating that there was no case of espionage and all the accused persons, including Dr. Narayanan were released. It was clear that ISRO spy case was a fabricated case done at the behest of individuals and entities inimical to the success of ISRO and India. CBI in its closure report also recommended departmental action against RB Sreekumar. Dr. Narayanan was granted an interim compensation of Rs. 10 lacs by the NHRC.

Based on CBI recommendation, in November 1999 the Union Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), under NDA rule, initiated disciplinary proceedings against Sreekumar and was served a charge sheet  having 9 articles of charge that include physically taking over the possession of the accused persons from the lawful custody of Kerala Police, torturing, ill-treating accused persons, not preparing written statement of interrogation and conducting independent investigation, disassociating the Kerala Police etc. Sreekumar deliberately misrepresented the facts causing irreparable loss to a highly respected scientist. Sreekumar was directed to submit his reply within ten days.

Things changed dramatically in second half of 2004, when the UPA Govt. came to power. On 13th December, 2004, MHA issued an order dropping 7 out of 9 charges without even conducting any enquiry against Sreekumar. For remaining 2 charges, an oral enquiry was ordered on 13th December, 2004 itself.

In just about one months time i.e. on 24th January, 2005, the entire process of appointing the enquiry officer, examining the witnesses, conducting and completing the enquiry, submitting the enquiry report, consideration of enquiry report on various levels and issuing the final order, dropping remaining two charges against Sreekumar was completed. The swiftness of this enquiry has no parallel in the history of Union Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA).

As a part of quid-pro-quo, Sreekumar after January, 2005, launched a tirade, full of lies, along with Teesta Setalvad against the Gujarat Govt. for political reasons.

02 November, 2013

21 September, 2013

Teesta Setalvad's perjury & deceit exposed in R.B. Sreekumar's taped conversation

Above: This audio conversation between Teesta Setalvad's ex-aide, Rais Khan Pathan and R.B. Sreekumar, former Director General of Police, Gujarat was recorded by Rais Khan Pathan on 4.11.2010

Critical pointers made by R.B. Sreekumar to Rais Khan Pathan:

1. It is my request, you do whatever you want, but it should not benefit rascal VHP people. It will spoil the work we have done till date.

2. Can I do something for you, to compromise with Teesta Setalvad?

3. Calling you a VHP man is a sin.

4. By associating you with VHP, the terrorists groups will target you.

5. If you will work against Muslims, the Muslims will also turn against you.

6. We have to work together, if we fight with each other, the enemy will be benefited. The benefit will go to Modi.

Also View: Evidence Against Teesta Setalvad

20 September, 2013

Teesta Setalvad & Zakia Jafri's lies exposed in taped conversation

Above: This audio conversation between Teesta Setalvad's ex-aide, Rais Khan Pathan and Zakia Jafri's brother-in-law, Safdar Ankaleshwaria was recorded by Rais Khan Pathan on 27.11.2010


In para no. 9 she states that “Rais Khan was associated with the Citizen for Justice and Peace an organization created after the carnage in 2002 and has eminent persons from the society as its trustees. He has singularly supported the victims in their pursuit of justice and consistently followed up on the cases…………”


In para no. 17 she states that “I know Teesta Setalvad since last 3-4 years”

In para no. 18 she states that “I know only the name of Rais Khan via Teestaben Setalvad and I have never met him and only know him by his name”

In para no. 25 she states that “Safdarbhai Ankaleshwaria is her brother-in-law”

3. In the above recorded telephonic conversation with Teesta Setalvad's ex-aide, Rais Khan Pathan, Safdar Ankaleshwaria admits that Zakia Jafri knows Rais Khan very well and it was Khan who used to take her to the courts and offices of the advocates. Safdar Ankaleshwaria also admits that Zakia Jafri visited office & residence of Rais Khan Pathan on several occasions.

Also View: Evidence Against Teesta Setalvad

15 September, 2013

Teesta Setalvad flouts Companies Act, 1956 & Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, 2010, complaint filed by leading Advocate

Above: Communalism Combat published by Sabrang

1. Leading Advocate Sanjiv Punalekar has made a complaint to Ministry of Home Affairs, Foreigners Division vide a letter dt. 13.8.2013 highlighting the following violations of the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA), 2010 and Companies Act, 1956 by Teesta Setalvad and her husband Javed Anand as Directors of Sabrang Communications & Publishing Pvt. Ltd., publishers of Communalism Combat:

a.) As per Section 3(1)(b) of the FCRA, no one can receive foreign contributions from abroad if such person is correspondent, columnist, cartoonist, editor, owner, printer or publisher of a newspaper.

b.) That the annual reports of Ford Foundation on their official website show that this company received foreign aid of US Dollars 90,000/- in the year 2004 and USD 2,00,000/- in the year 2006.

c.) The directors of the company Sabrang Communications & Publishing Pvt. Ltd. have violated FCRA and are liable for prosecution for taking donations from abroad despite owning a newspaper / magazine in India.

d.) It is clear that while obtaining registration for FCRA, they have suppressed the fact of their owning a newspaper / magazine and have obtained registration by fraud. Therefore on this count also they are liable for prosecution carrying punishment by imprisonment as well as fine.

e.) The company has also not filed balance sheet and annual returns for past three years with the Registrar of Companies and is liable for prosecuting under the Companies Act, 1956.

2. On 13.8.2013 another letter was written by Sanjiv Punalekar to the Registrar of Companies (ROC, Mumbai), the Regional Director of Ministry of Corporate Affairs (Western Region) and the Ministry of Corporate Affairs and Ministry of Home in Delhi, highlighting the Companies Act, 1956 violations by Sabrang Communications & Publishing Pvt. Ltd. including:

a.) The company is in default for not filing Balance Sheets for the years 2010-11, 2011-12 and 2012-13. That neither annual returns have been filed nor Annual General Body meeting has taken place.

b.) That Under Section 162 read with Section 220 of the Companies Act, 1956, the company and its directors have rendered themselves liable for prosecution.

c.) That the company be declared a 'defunct' company.

3. On 20.8.13 the office of the Regional Director of Ministry of Corporate Affairs (Western Region) directed the ROC, Mumbai to take action in the matter.

4. On 9.9.13 Sanjiv Punalekar again wrote to the Regional Director of Ministry of Corporate Affairs (Western Region) that no action was taken by ROC, Mumbai in the matter and that stern action be taken against him.

06 September, 2013

Teesta Setalvad too obtained signatures on blank Vakalatnamas

Above: Zakia Nasim Jafri

Lot of channels and newspapers have recently reported about the sting operation done by Shri Pushp Kumar Sharma and subsequent PIL filed by him in the Supreme Court about the signatures obtained by BJP leaders on blank Vakalatnama from Narmada Bai, mother of Tulsi Prajapati.

If taking signature on blank Vakalatnama is a crime then Ms Teesta Setalvad, who has obtained signature of hundreds of victims and witnesses of Gujarat riots on blank Vakalatnamas should also be tried for this criminal offences claimed Shri Rais Khan Pathan, a former aid of Teesta.

Rais Khan Pathan who is in possession of such signed blank Vakalatnamas by various witnesses and victims has already submitted copy of these Vakalatnamas to SIT and various other authorities but no action has been taken.

Links to download / view copy of two signed blank Vakalatnamas given by Shri Rais Khan are below. One of the blank Vakaltnamas is signed by none other than  Zakia Nasim Jafri, wife of late Congress MP, Ehsaan Jafri, who is complainant in Gulbarg society case and the other blank Vakalatnama is signed by Nannumiyan Rasulmiyan Malek, Madina Banu Malek and others, who are witnesses of Naroda Patiya case.

Rais Khan Pathan has decided to approach Supreme Court with these signed blank Vakalatnamas for action against Teesta Setalvad.

12 August, 2013

Pakistan - A Visitor's Viewpoint

An Echo of the People's Voice

I have been visiting Pakistan for many years to meet friends, and catch up with my extended family in Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad.

My recent trip there was truly an eye opener on how the situation has deteriorated in the country since I last visited. Political instability and a corrupt government have led to a crime-ridden society, that happens day and night alike, with criminals having no fear of being caught or punished.

When I visited last, bomb blasts were happening daily in some city or the other and in remote areas as well. But this trip made me sad in more ways than one, and I wonder when these people, who harm their fellow brothers and sisters, will ever stop. 

Since it was Ramadan I was attending iftaris every evening and the common topic under discussion was who was robbed, whose house was broken down by thieves, who was held up while driving, whose jewels were snatched. Most horrific were frequent discussions on who was shot, and were they saved?

I enquired about my friend Farid who always comes to visit me with his wife and daughter, on his absence at the iftari party. I was told that his father in law was murdered, and thrown in the garden of his house, the murderers had ransacked his home, and were never found.

Two days later I called Iqbal, to wish him for Ramadan; he also apologized and said his sister was murdered so he could not come. What a horrific reason! I could only condole with him. I also felt that though he viewed the death of his sister as a gory happening, but yet as one of the things that happen nowadays in Pakistan.

I was staying with my friend Amina in Karachi whom I have known since I first visited. Usually she adorns herself with elegant jewelry, but this time her hands were bare. She wore no bangles, not even the famous Pakistani chudis available in the Ramadan chudi bazaar, no watch, no earrings, not even a chain in her neck. Armed men had come to her home and taken her gold bangles and all the jewelry she had worn. Since then she does not keep jewelry at home but in the bank. Though she keeps just a little cash at home in case the armed men come again, so she can give them the money lest they kill her.

She also mentioned, that she was stopped while driving and her beautiful jhumka earings were snatched. Since then she does not wear jewelry even when she goes to visit people and very rarely does she even go to her locker in the bank. She said she has been robbed four times, and now was planning to sell most of her property in Pakistan and invest in UAE or Europe or may be even USA. She plans to settle abroad in the future like many others who want to safeguard their life as well as wealth. She loves Pakistan yet feels compelled to leave.

Amina spoke of corruption being so rampant, polling agents being harassed, voters being openly attacked and the police and media also being corrupt, so barely any people complain of theft and crimes. They just bear this injustice in order to stay alive.

My other friend Shahin was preparing for the marriage of her son. She mentioned, the week after she purchased a gold and diamond set for her daughter in law, her house was rampaged by 10 men. They rung her door bell and when her servant opened the door he was shocked to see two men with machine guns and sturdy gangsters behind. They were well dressed, smart looking and knew exactly what they had to do. They entered and asked about the jewelry, but since nothing was in the house they hit her husband and the servants on the head and left them bleeding. The gangsters took laptops and the mobile phones, reassuring my friend that they were good people and would not touch her. They said they had information about jewelry in the house. Within 30 minutes they had dismantled the furniture, opened and checked all the rooms and cupboards and left; all this in broad daylight. Shahin said she did not bother to file a police complaint, as it would be a painstaking ordeal and she thought since it was so well planned, the police may well be involved.

I also spoke to Nafeesa who told me of the time when her and her old and frail mother, whose car was stopped while they drove back from the airport. Their glass windows were broken, and men with guns asked them to give them all their money and valuables. They did that, without thinking, and said that their life is more precious than money.

Fear and helplessness, forced them to accept that things are not the same in Pakistan. They live in worry, and anxiety about the days to come.

Taliban, bomb blasts, corruption and political instability, is a well-known fact, and now I see more and more daytime burglaries, murders in homes and fearless looting in public places.

Amongst all this I saw a ray of hope. I interacted with a lot of people some social workers who were working selflessly to uplift the society. I also met young dynamic politicians who wanted to bring a positive change in the system. Some media people also wanted to help citizens by promoting human values in talk shows. And I met some people that were practicing meditation and yoga. Meditation and yoga is not only popular but is used as therapy for stress laden people. Parents also want their children to learn to meditate and practice yoga as well and they are on the lookout for such workshops.

This was not only my view point as a visitor but also an echo of the voices of people who live in a politically unstable Pakistan where violence & looting is a common happening. Pakistan today has become a land where citizens are uncertain of what the future holds for them and their country.

Heena Azim (Names have been changed to protect identities)

01 July, 2013

Woman tortured, lathi inserted in private parts, WBHRC sends notice to West Bengal Police

Above: The petition filed by victim's husband & notice issued by West Bengal Human Rights Commission (WBHRC) to SP of North 24 Parganas Dist., West Bengal

14 June, 2013

Teesta Setalvad & Co. fool US Secretary of State John Kerry!

John Kerry, the present Secretary of the State of United States, had written to the State department regarding Narendra Modi's visa when he was Senator. He had written to the State department to the effect that Visa should be denied to Modi on the grounds of his possible role in 2002 anti-Muslim pogrom. The US International Religious Freedom Act of 1998 (IRFA) bars entry of aliens ‘responsible for directly carried out, particularly severe violations of religious freedom’. John Kerry & the US State department did not rely on any official facts but heavily relied on reports in the Media and by Human Rights organizations to deny Modi a visa.

The Supreme Court of India appointed Special Investigation Team (SIT) investigating the Gujarat Riots had given Modi a clean chit long ago and had also reprimanded Media and Human Rights organizations for spicing up the Gujarat Riots story. Here are a few resources available in the public domain which expose the anti-India / anti-Modi agenda of these Media and Human Rights organizations.

Would John Kerry now be man enough to own-up to his government's goof-up and take pro-active steps to invite Narendra Modi to the US?

Time only shall reveal!

Evidence Against Teesta Setalvad

Arundhati Roy & Human Rights Watch spiced up Gujarat riot incidents

Caught Lying: Human Rights Watch's Meenakshi Ganguly

02 June, 2013

Hindu Girl kidnapped in West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee’s office hand in glove with Islamists

Payel Mondal, a Hindu Schedule Caste minor, born on 12 August 1995 was kidnapped at the age of 17 years 2 months on 27 November 2012 by an Islamists backed Muslim family against her wishes from her uncle’s place in Murshidabad.

Payel, a resident of District Malda, was blackmailed with a morphed picture of hers depicting her topless.

Her poor parents are running from pillar to post for justice as the whereabouts of the girl are known to the Police and the Administration.

From the Investigating Officer (IO), to the SP of Malda and Mamata Banerjee's PA Sankha Subhra Chakraborty have had the shamelessness to tell the hapless parents that the “girl will return when she is 18”!

12 May, 2013

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar - A Modern Messiah

Above: After Hurricane Katrina, Sri Sri visits the survivors in Austin, Texas, USA

By Acharya Ratnananda

There are times in the history of men and nations, when massive multitudes of people manage to land themselves and others in a crisis; when wars are waged attempting to win peace; when actions are negatively divorced from speech, and speech from thought; when leaders turn traitors and the people are pushed by uncertainty and pulled by indecision; when living seems to violate the aims of life.

At those times, nature in her benevolence, comes to he rescue of mankind by producing men and women of God, who rise above the multitude, who infuse a charm to challenge, who replace our sights with their visions, and manage to pull back the planet from the brink; when with a sigh of relief and release, the world limps back to normalcy.

Thirty centuries ago, a great man stood up and said, “Accept not anything that does not conform the truth.”  Two thousand years ago, another great man cried out, “Accept love and not hatred as the mainstay of your life.”

Twenty centuries later, today, we also have a few great men.  More of them than before, because we are more complex.  One of them stands up and says, “Accept people as they are, not as you want them to be.”

He preaches and practices a life of love, laughter, music and meditation.  His sermons reach half the globe, and His presence enthralls millions.  He infuses a new vision to the old concepts and leads people along the path of dynamic liberalism in thought, word and deed.  He is His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, considered as one of the three wise men, that modern times have produced.

Given in the following pages are a few of His thought provoking words, which shock and shake away many deep routed maladies.  They hit you with the force of a bullet; but they also pleasantly inject you with fun and frolic, love and laughter, relief and release and finally with faith and fervor.

Extract from More Light On Less Known by Acharya Ratnananda

17 April, 2013

Yoga Vasistha for Scientists

Above: Extract from the Yoga Vasistha. Right-click and 'save link as' for large size image

The world is Brahman only

The world is not different from Brahman 

O’ Scion of Raghu dynasty! This world neither arises from the Supreme Brahman nor does it merge into it, but is established in the Supreme Brahman itself. The imagination of void in the Brahman is because of the expectation of non-void. In reality, it is non-void. How can imagination of void and non-void be possible in the Supreme Brahman? What comes from fullness is fullness and that which is established in fullness is also full. This universe has never been created and whatever has been created is itself the Truth (Brahman). It is subtler than a subatomic particle, supremely pure, tranquil and blemishless. It’s nature is not limited by space, time or measurement and is omnipresent. It has neither a beginning nor an end and is self-illumined.

The Supreme Brahman which is the cause of all causes remains even after the cosmic dissolution. When the modulations of the mind are extinguished by equanimous intellect (Samadhi), it results in the mind being extinguished and only the inexpressible, self illumined, Reality remains. This is the nature of Supreme Consciousness. That Supreme Consciousness, in which the triad of the known, the knower and knowledge arises, in which it is established and in which it dissolves, is difficult to attain.

In the Supreme Consciousness, there is nothing called the world. That which we call “the world” is Brahman only. Just as blackness is non different from collyrium, just as void is non different from space and just as coolness is non different from ice, similarly, this world is non different from Brahman. This world is not separate from the Brahman. From the beginning, this world has evolved in the Brahman itself and hence is not different from it. This Supreme Consciousness alone is and there is no imagination of duality in it. I shall presently explain how this world came into being from the Supreme Brahman. It is by this Supreme Brahman that all these visible entities have gained expansion. That Supreme Consciousness itself is this individual and collective world which repeatedly manifests and unmanifests.

The seed of the world is the primary illusory power of the Brahman 

O’ Scion of Raghu dynasty! Brahman itself appears in the form of this creation. A dream does not appear solid and real by the conditioning (mental impression) of just one person, but the universe appears real and orderly because of the collective conditioning (mental impressions) of all beings. The all pervading Consciousness itself is the substratum of this universe and this entire universe is the existential form of this Brahman Consciousness.

The subtle elements or objects of senses (Tanmatras) i.e., Sound, Touch, Sight, Taste and Smell corresponding to the five primary elements (Panchamahabhootas) i.e., Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth are the seeds of this world and the seed of these five subtle elements is the primary illusory power. This is directly related to the Supreme Consciousness which is the primary cause for the world appearance. In this way, the world springs forth from the illusory power of Supreme Consciousness. When the illusion is removed, the same is experienced in it’s ever pure form. Hence this glorious world is the form of Brahman only.

Just as in a dream, a city appears without building anything, in the same way, in this great forest of Supreme Consciousness, the tree of world appearance is created and destroyed again and again. Know that, the seed is itself the fruit because there is no difference between the primary cause and the result. Hence, the entire world is Consciousness itself. How can that which is imagined be the Truth? This world is essentially not separate from this Supreme, undivided, unbounded, Brahman Consciousness and yet it appears to be separate.

The individual consciousness (jiva) endowed with mental sheath (Manomaya) imagines the grossness of body consciousness within itself and becomes identified with the gross body. The individual consciousness (jiva) endowed with the mental sheath, thinks that the mind itself is Consciousness. Just as intentions manifest in Brahman, similarly the world is also said to manifest intentions. In this way, the Supreme Brahman Consciousness evolves in itself by itself and there is no existence of this world apart from Brahman.

This world is the imagination of that Supreme Consciousness 

O’ Scion of Raghu dynasty! Having never been created, there is no existence for this world and what exists is the Supreme Brahman only. Just as the mountains and cities in a dream are destructible and not stable, similarly this world is also destructible and not stable. Brahman itself is the original primordial cosmic womb (Hiranyagarbha), the cosmic person (Virat) and the cosmic person itself is this creation. There is nothing apart from Brahman and that which is imagined to be different from Brahman is also Brahman. When the Self becomes aware of itself within itself, then that Consciousness by its own power, experiences a subtle ego sense within itself. This progressively becomes grosser and grosser and finally assumes the form of the universe. In this way, the power of this Consciousness (Chiti Shakti) itself assumes the form of the world and this world is only an imagination of that Consciousness. This imagination is dependent on the ego sense. So, the ego sense and the world are also nothing but Consciousness. There is no duality or non duality in it.  

With Consciousness as the primary factor, ego sense is the only actor and with vibration (Spandan) as the primary factor, the life force (Prana) is the action. There is no difference between these two. The cosmic person (Purusha) endowed with these is called as individual consciousness (jiva). So, there is no difference between individual consciousness (jiva) and the world. This world is nothing but a glimpse of that light of Consciousness. When the Ultimate Truth is known, this understanding becomes firm that - “No weapon can cut me, fire cannot burn me, air cannot dry me and I am eternal, all pervading, unshakeable and stable”. Only the ignorant argue among themselves. We have overcome this illusion and hence there is nothing for us to argue. Hence, this hypothesis has been established that existence of the world is only because of the existence of the Supreme Consciousness and the world does not have an independent existence of its own.

Hindi to English translation by Shri Prasad Rajanna. Translators Note: The terms Brahman, Brahman Consciousness, Supreme Consciousness, Supreme Brahman used in this text, all refer to the one Truth which is the Ultimate Reality.

04 April, 2013

Mythological stories on TV not the Truth - Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Above: A scene from mythological TV serial Devon Ke Dev Mahadev

Question: Gurudev, Goddess Parvati in her anger had given a curse to Mother Earth, Agni Deva and other gods when they tried to save her and Lord Shiva’s son Kartikeya from Tarakasura (a demon). How is it possible for a Goddess to not be in control of her anger?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: You know, this is a wrong depiction of the stories from the Puranas. The TV serials always want to make it a little more dramatic.

Even when I watch Goddess Parvati (an incarnation or form of the Mother Divine), I see that there is so much display of emotions; crying, or asking for forgiveness, etc. Just to make the viewers more engaged, they brought them to the level of common man and common emotions.

The director and producers also want to elongate the episode, that is why they make it a little more dramatic than the actual story. It is not originally so in the Puranas. In the Purana, Goddess Parvati does not go through such varied emotions. It is only in the script that these people have written for the TV serial that you find her and even Lord Ganesha asking repeatedly for forgiveness. What is the need for Him, who is Divinity Himself, to ask for any sort of forgiveness?

See, when you read any Purana, then the Adidaata (the sacred deity on whose life and heroic stories a particular Purana is based) of that Purana is the central character, and the most revered.

For example, if you take the Shiva Purana then Lord Shiva is the greatest, while all other deities and everyone else is subordinate to him.

Similarly, if you take the Ganesha Purana, then Lord Ganesha is the greatest in that Purana.

Again, if you take the Devi Purana then all the other deities, such as Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Mahesh (a name of Lord Shiva) are at the Devi’s feet, signifying her central importance in the Purana. Since all stories in the Devi Purana revolve around her as the central deity, the other deities play secondary roles.

In the Vishnu Purana you will find that there is no deity greater than Lord Vishnu, and every other deity is subordinate to him, since he is the central deity of that Purana.

That is why a deity is called as Isht, meaning the greatest deity, around whom everything else revolves. So, those deities or Gods whom we consider as our Ishtdevta or Isht are the greatest and most revered for us.

There is a very beautiful shloka (verse) by Adi Shankaracharya where he says, 'Mananaatha Shri Jagannatha, Madguru Shri Jagadguru, Madatma Sarvabhutatma, Tasmai Shri Gurave Namaha.

It means, my Lord (Isht) is the Lord of the entire creation; my Guru is the Guru of the entire creation; and my soul is the soul seated in all living beings.

When a devotee has this feeling, that there is no other like my Lord, then it is called Vishishta bhakti.

When there is this feeling that there is none other like my Lord, then the mind become one-pointed. This is because the nature of the mind is to go towards that which is the most superior.

Now, if you do not find what you have to be the highest, then the mind will start to wander toward that which it finds to be more superior.

So to collect the mind and make it centered deep in devotion, these different stories have been written in the Puranas. That is why in the Shiva Purana, it is said that Lord Shiva is supreme and everyone prays and bows to Lord Shiva. This is the real meaning.

But those who make these TV serials, they have to make it a little more dramatic, otherwise it will be a little boring, and that is why they add some spice to it.

It has never happened that Goddess Durga has inflicted her anger on anyone on Earth. The anger of Goddess Durga is only towards the demon Mahishasura. Even that is not totally in anger, but it is with a certain equanimity and pleasantness. The Goddess simply destroys Mahishasura (symbolic of negativity and inertia) into ashes, by a simple exhalation of her breath, with the sound ‘hummm’.

So these are just different depictions of the mythological stories on TV. There is no need to accept them as the truth.

28 March, 2013

Caught Lying: Human Rights Watch's Meenakshi Ganguly

Human Rights Watch's South Asia director Meenakshi Ganguly in her piece dated 24th February, 2012 has stated "that anti-Muslim riots .. killed nearly 2,000 people" (Screenshot 1).

Minister of State in the Ministry of Home Affairs Shriprakash Jaiswal stated in Rajya Sabha on 11th May, 2005 that "254 Hindus and 790 Muslim were killed in the post Godhra riots of 2002" (Screenshot 2).

Hence the correct number of people killed is 1044 and not 2000 as stated by Meenakshi Ganguly !!

Above: Screenshot 1 / Right-click and 'save link as' for large size image

Above: Screenshot 2 / Right-click and 'save link as' for large size image

18 March, 2013

Congress leaders of Gujarat actively participated in 2002 riots: Jamiat-Ulama-i-Hind

Rajesh Ramachandran, Times of India, 9th August, 2003

NEW DELHI: The Congress has been going to town over Best Bakery and other instances of the Narendra Modi government's complicity in the anti-Muslim violence which shook Gujarat last year.

But when it comes to the involvement of its own party cadre in the killings, 10 Janpath maintains a deafening silence. Even when confronted by a long-standing ally from the freedom movement days, the Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind.

According to the JUH, "most Congress corporators" and some Congress leaders of Gujarat had actively participated in last year's riots.

Mahmood As'ad Madani, JUH general secretary told The Times of India: "We wrote letters to Congress president Sonia Gandhi, gave a list of Congress leaders involved in the riots, asked her to take action against them but to no avail."

On April 29, 2002, for example, the JUH received a list of 25 Congress leaders from its Gujarat chapter, which was promptly forwarded to her. This included a former Congress minister, a sitting MLA and a former MP.

Then on August 20, Madani reminded Gandhi: "Similarly our appeal forwarded to you in respect of involvement of Congress MLAs, corporators and workers in Gujarat carnage along with the list of culpable names remains disregarded."

When contacted by TOI, Ambika Soni, in-charge of Gandhi's office, said she was not aware of the correspondence. Ahmed Patel, Gandhi's political secretary, to whom copies were marked by the JUH was not available for comment.

The JUH insists it had accurate information from the ground. For instance, its Gujarat branch had written to the police commissioner of Vadodara city on March 21 that, "After the Godhra incident an urgent meeting of the activists of the BJP, VHP, RSS and Bajrang Dal was held under the leadership of Yogesh Patel (MLA)... Chinnam Gandhi (Congress corporator)... They had alloted the activists their jobs, they made a plan and instructed the activists to carry out this work without any fear and told them that they would get full support of police officers."

The Gujarat JUH had mapped the Congress leadership even at the district level. Mehsana and Patan districts' list has 8 names of Congress leaders including local MP Atmaram Patel as having played a "negative role." A fax message sent on May 1 from Mehsana has this against Patel's coloumn: "Still has not come to help Muslims; taking sides in favour of a criminal person of Sardarpur and Ladoi village."

A list of 15 from Anand is headed by a secretary of Gujarat youth Congress. But to be fair to the Congress and the JUH, the report is all praise for the "positive role" played by Patan MP Pravin Rashtrapal.

JUH secretary N A Farooqui says: "The Congress has committed sins of omission and commission during the riots. Former MP Ehsan Jaffri had called up Sonia Gandhi for help. She didn't take a strong stand in her subsequent visit to Gujarat. The local bodies were mostly headed by the Congress which could have done a lot for relief and rehabilitation, but it was all left to the NGOs."

Though Farooqui maintains that the JUH "has not severed its relationship" with the Congress, the party's ambivalence has led to debates within the Muslim intelligentsia over which political formation is best placed to defend the country from the danger of communal division.


14 March, 2013

Rama Setu - An Engineering Marvel of 5076 BCE

The Government has decided to go ahead with the destruction of Rama Setu, the oldest man-made bridge of our civilization, a civil engineering marvel of 5076 BCE. This bridge is believed to have been built by Rama and His team. Only if Rama is historical could this bridge be man-made. If the bridge is proved to be man-made, then Rama has to be Historical. This film brings to light the layers of bridge construction and the month and the year when the Rama Setu was built. Please watch this film made by Bharath Gyan and share it with others. It is not just another story but a 7100 year old engineering marvel of our civilization!

11 March, 2013

Lord Shiva: A Dalit Outcaste !

Lord Shiva is from the Nishad community. In Rudram he is addressed as a Nishada (an outcaste) and Punjishta (a bird hunter).

28 February, 2013

Asaduddin Owaisi's role in Hyderabad blasts

Above: Asaduddin Owaisi's December 2 speech

Asaduddin Owaisi ‘prophesied’ Hyderabad blasts?

Post Noon, 25th February, 2013

MIM president Asaduddin Owaisi’s acerbic speech on December 2, warning about the game that was to start in the City after January, is being poured over by intelligence.

Did the MIM president and MP, Asaduddin Owaisi, forewarn the City about the blasts on Thursday that killed 18 and injured 117? Now, the City intelligence and NIA are reportedly examining his 15- minute speech at his party headquarters (Darussalam) on December 2, in which he had warned of a ‘khel’ (game) to begin after January.

After the twin blasts in Dilsukhnagar, whose links are extended to Indian Mujahideen, his speech exhorting his community to avenge the “perceived injustice” to them rings ominous, said a senior police officer in the City. He told Postnoon that the CD of his speech was being screened for deeper meaning.

“January ke baad dekho kya khel tamashe hote hain… Abhi tho warm up ho raha hain. Aap humse pahle khel liye achcha kiye… (Wait and see what happens after January. Now is just a warm up. Good you started the game before us).

Police sources said his 15- minute speech was full of hatred toward another community. The vile words used against another community leader and lampooning the police intelligence and the chief minister did not behove a person who claims to lead a political party, which is the ruling partner at the GHMC.

It is known that the Owaisi brothers broke the bonhomie with the Congress after the chief minister asked the police to play neutral in the temple-Charminar issue. Ever since, the two have used calculated, harsh words to defame the chief minister. They have since branded him communal.

Owaisi’s speech was on the occasion of the meeting called to observe the Babri Masjid Day. In his speech, which went on air and on the internet soon after, clearly instigates communities to take up arms against the other. On the other hand, the same leader put up a straight face after the blasts to express “his solidarity” with the government “in times of crisis” and advocated strict action against the perpetrators of crime.

Which of the two is the true Owaisi is the question many political observers are asking.

It is relevant to mention that BJP leader Venkaiah Naidu said at the Rajya Sabha after the blasts that the Delhi Police had placed on record the terror getting “local helps” in Hyderabad, and specifically mentioned a local political party extending patronage to the terror modules.

Meanwhile, the police have interrogated five youths, including four MIM workers on Sunday in connection with the blasts. They are: Abdul Raheem, Abdul Kareem, Shaik Azmath, Mohd Rayeesuddin and another one. Of them, police have interrogated Rayeesuddin today for his alleged complicity in the blasts.

Source: Post Noon

24 February, 2013

Hindus and Sikhs paid for their 'sins' during 1984 riots - Salman Khurshid

Above: Screenshot from Salman Khurshid's book "At Home In India: A restatement of Indian Muslims"

Salman Khurshid states, "there was also a terrible satisfaction amongst Muslims, who had not completely forgotten the Partition’s unpleasant aftermath. Hindus and Sikhs were alike paying for their ‘sins’. They were paying for the blood they had drawn in 1947." (page 114)

22 February, 2013

Congress funded us - Teesta Setalvad

Above: Congress, CPI, CPM and about ten prominent individuals funded Teesta Setalvad - Humanscape interview, November, 1999

20 February, 2013

Muslim members of Gulbarga Society do not want NGO's entering society, write to Police Commissioner

Above: Muslim members of Gulbarga Co-operative Housing Society Limited have written a letter to the Commissioner of Police, Ahmedabad, requesting prohibition of NGO's and outsiders entering their society

08 February, 2013

Sonia Gandhi's father was a fascist, loved Mussolini

Above: Mussolini with Hitler, 1937

Meeting Mr Maino

Jawid Laiq, Outlook, 23rd February, 1998

THE sparkling white colonnades of 10, Janpath are a long way in distance, time and the trappings of power from 14, Via Bellini, a nondescript house in a slushy lane of Orbassano, a grey industrial town on the outskirts of Turin, the city which exports Fiat cars and machines. That house was proudly built by the rough-hewn hands of Stefano Maino, a building worker who after years of effort had established a small construction business by the 1960s.

He took special pride in his work-worn hands and in the dignity of labour which had motivated him to build a bungalow for his wife and three daughters, Sonia, Nadia and Anoushka. He waved those hands before me some 20 years ago in Orbassano to illustrate that he was a self-made man who had created all that he owned with his own labour. He wished to disprove the allegations made even then that the Maino family had grown rich due to its Gandhi connection.

At that time, in the autumn of 1977, shortly after the Emergency, Maino was not too happy about his daughter Sonia's Indian connections. He resignedly noted: "After Sonia's marriage everyone thinks we have got rich and made free trips to India. But we have paid for everything ourselves. Sonia's marriage has been an expensive thing for us." He also mentioned that Sonia, her husband and children and their ayah, too, used to descend on Orbassano during the summer holidays, causing considerable expense. On the other hand, he claimed he had helped India's foreign exchange position by encouraging several of his friends to visit India as tourists.

Maino had absolute faith in the integrity of his son-in-law Rajiv. He was confident "that Rajiv has no connections in the Boeing or any other deal. Rajiv is not in the least interested in such matters". As for the corruption charges then being made against Sanjay Gandhi, "he is just a boy and businessmen and politicians may have used him.... Sanjay is a young politician and not very experienced. That is why he has not been successful."

Indira Gandhi's arrest in 1977 on the orders of the then home minister, Charan Singh, had worried Maino, but not much. He was mainly worried about the future of his grandchildren, Priyanka and Rahul. He glanced at the silver-framed portrait of Indira Gandhi with Priyanka and Rahul and declared: "Mrs Gandhi is the only person in India who can do good things for India."

Apart from the portrait, the other prominent feature of the dimly-lit front room of Maino's house was the collection of leather-bound speeches and writings of Benito Mussolini. I looked pointedly at them. Without batting an eyelid, Maino declared his unwavering loyalty to Mussolini and Italy's 'admirable' fascist past. The words streamed forth. The current Italian government was composed of a bunch of traitors who had betrayed Mussolini and the Fatherland. All the modern Italian political parties were hopeless, except the neo-fascist front. What Italians needed was compulsory sterilisation. Indira Gandhi smiled benignly out of the silver-frame. Nadia, Sonia's petite and pretty younger sister, sitting beside her father, looked decidedly embarrassed.

That did not stop Stefano Maino's frank and forthright expression of his views on life and politics. After all, he had proudly fought against the Russian Reds alongside Hitler's Wehrmacht on the Eastern Front in World War II. The bold and direct manner of the soldier remained with him. I felt a tinge of sadness when this blunt and straightforward man died a few years ago. Perhaps, he is up there somewhere, directing his daughter to shed her self-imposed solitude and sophistry, and to launch a bold electoral blitzkrieg on the Indian people.

Sri Sri gets 4 times Anna's crowd at Ramlila Maidan

Above: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar launches Volunteer for a Better India (VBI) initiative, 3rd February, 2013, Ramlila Maidan, Delhi. Photos: Courtesy Art of Living

07 February, 2013

Historicity of Mahabharata - Evidence of Literature, Arts & Archaeology

Above: Historicity of Mahabharata - Evidence of Literature, Arts & Archaeology by Prof. B.B. Lal, Former Director General, Archaeological Survey of India (ASI)

27 January, 2013

President's secretariat releases Dr. Subramanian Swamy's letter to Dr. Abdul Kalam regarding Sonia Gandhi

Above: President's secretariat releases Dr. Subramanian Swamy's letter to Dr. Abdul Kalam regarding Sonia Gandhi - courtesy RTI activist Subhash Chandra Agrawal

12 January, 2013

Shabnam Hashmi colludes with Planning Commission Member for Anti-Modi propaganda

Above: Evidence about misuse of official residence by Dr. Syeda Hameed, Member of Planning Commission with Shabnam Hashmi for anti-Gujarat activities