26 September, 2016

Is the Yamuna Jiye Abhiyaan convener Manoj Misra suffering from Schizophrenia or just plain Anti-National?

Yamuna Jiye Abhiyaan convener Manoj Misra, till a few years ago, was lobbying that the Yamuna river bed land should be given away to the farmers. (Dainik Jagran report below)

But he also petitioned the National Green Tribunal (NGT) (Original Application No. 6 of 2012) - the outcome of which was a 98-page order on 13th January, 2015. This order, among other things, totally banned farming on the Yamuna river bed.

One wonders why he was lobbying and inciting farmers against the government (all the farmers having collected compensation from the government and illegally cultivating presently) and then doing a U-turn by pleading in NGT against farming and getting an order banning farming on Yamuna river bed?

Even in the case in the NGT against Art of Living Manoj Misra is mum on the permanent construction on the Yamuna river bed on Batla House side. Batla House is just across the DND flyway on the opposite side of the World Culture Festival venue. The permanent construction is visible while crossing the DND flyway. Such striking selective amnesia is a cause of surprise and raises questions about his intent.

Above: Batla House - DND flyway - World Culture Festival venue

Above: Permanent construction on the Yamuna river bed on Batla House side

Manoj Misra also has dubious links. A simple google search establishes some of his links with Maoist and Anti-India forces.

Maoist Link:

He along with Madhu Bhaduri together filed a case in NGT (Original Application No. 300 of 2013). Madhu Bhaduri had signed a mercy plea for Maoist sympathizer Dr. Binayak Sen https://kafila.org/2008/01/28/state-repression-in-chhattsgarh-and-continued-detention-of-dr-binayak-sen/

Anti-India Link:

Manoj Misra’s work was featured in PUCL’s June 2011 Bulletin http://www.pucl.org/bulletins/2011/PUCLJun11.pdf . PUCL presently has a known Anti-National stand and has sympathy for Maoists / Terrorists. Their latest accomplishment was condemning the hanging of Afzal Guru, the 2001 Parliament attack convict!

So is Manoj Misra suffering from Schizophrenia or just reading his masters script to disrupt India's growth story?

You decide!

Photos courtesy: Where are the environmental fascists who opposed Art of Living’s WCF? https://www.pgurus.com/environmental-fascists-opposed-art-livings-wcf/