21 September, 2013

Teesta Setalvad's perjury & deceit exposed in R.B. Sreekumar's taped conversation

Above: This audio conversation between Teesta Setalvad's ex-aide, Rais Khan Pathan and R.B. Sreekumar, former Director General of Police, Gujarat was recorded by Rais Khan Pathan on 4.11.2010

Critical pointers made by R.B. Sreekumar to Rais Khan Pathan:

1. It is my request, you do whatever you want, but it should not benefit rascal VHP people. It will spoil the work we have done till date.

2. Can I do something for you, to compromise with Teesta Setalvad?

3. Calling you a VHP man is a sin.

4. By associating you with VHP, the terrorists groups will target you.

5. If you will work against Muslims, the Muslims will also turn against you.

6. We have to work together, if we fight with each other, the enemy will be benefited. The benefit will go to Modi.

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20 September, 2013

Teesta Setalvad & Zakia Jafri's lies exposed in taped conversation

Above: This audio conversation between Teesta Setalvad's ex-aide, Rais Khan Pathan and Zakia Jafri's brother-in-law, Safdar Ankaleshwaria was recorded by Rais Khan Pathan on 27.11.2010


In para no. 9 she states that “Rais Khan was associated with the Citizen for Justice and Peace an organization created after the carnage in 2002 and has eminent persons from the society as its trustees. He has singularly supported the victims in their pursuit of justice and consistently followed up on the cases…………”


In para no. 17 she states that “I know Teesta Setalvad since last 3-4 years”

In para no. 18 she states that “I know only the name of Rais Khan via Teestaben Setalvad and I have never met him and only know him by his name”

In para no. 25 she states that “Safdarbhai Ankaleshwaria is her brother-in-law”

3. In the above recorded telephonic conversation with Teesta Setalvad's ex-aide, Rais Khan Pathan, Safdar Ankaleshwaria admits that Zakia Jafri knows Rais Khan very well and it was Khan who used to take her to the courts and offices of the advocates. Safdar Ankaleshwaria also admits that Zakia Jafri visited office & residence of Rais Khan Pathan on several occasions.

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15 September, 2013

Teesta Setalvad flouts Companies Act, 1956 & Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, 2010, complaint filed by leading Advocate

Above: Communalism Combat published by Sabrang

1. Leading Advocate Sanjiv Punalekar has made a complaint to Ministry of Home Affairs, Foreigners Division vide a letter dt. 13.8.2013 highlighting the following violations of the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA), 2010 and Companies Act, 1956 by Teesta Setalvad and her husband Javed Anand as Directors of Sabrang Communications & Publishing Pvt. Ltd., publishers of Communalism Combat:

a.) As per Section 3(1)(b) of the FCRA, no one can receive foreign contributions from abroad if such person is correspondent, columnist, cartoonist, editor, owner, printer or publisher of a newspaper.

b.) That the annual reports of Ford Foundation on their official website show that this company received foreign aid of US Dollars 90,000/- in the year 2004 and USD 2,00,000/- in the year 2006.

c.) The directors of the company Sabrang Communications & Publishing Pvt. Ltd. have violated FCRA and are liable for prosecution for taking donations from abroad despite owning a newspaper / magazine in India.

d.) It is clear that while obtaining registration for FCRA, they have suppressed the fact of their owning a newspaper / magazine and have obtained registration by fraud. Therefore on this count also they are liable for prosecution carrying punishment by imprisonment as well as fine.

e.) The company has also not filed balance sheet and annual returns for past three years with the Registrar of Companies and is liable for prosecuting under the Companies Act, 1956.

2. On 13.8.2013 another letter was written by Sanjiv Punalekar to the Registrar of Companies (ROC, Mumbai), the Regional Director of Ministry of Corporate Affairs (Western Region) and the Ministry of Corporate Affairs and Ministry of Home in Delhi, highlighting the Companies Act, 1956 violations by Sabrang Communications & Publishing Pvt. Ltd. including:

a.) The company is in default for not filing Balance Sheets for the years 2010-11, 2011-12 and 2012-13. That neither annual returns have been filed nor Annual General Body meeting has taken place.

b.) That Under Section 162 read with Section 220 of the Companies Act, 1956, the company and its directors have rendered themselves liable for prosecution.

c.) That the company be declared a 'defunct' company.

3. On 20.8.13 the office of the Regional Director of Ministry of Corporate Affairs (Western Region) directed the ROC, Mumbai to take action in the matter.

4. On 9.9.13 Sanjiv Punalekar again wrote to the Regional Director of Ministry of Corporate Affairs (Western Region) that no action was taken by ROC, Mumbai in the matter and that stern action be taken against him.

06 September, 2013

Teesta Setalvad too obtained signatures on blank Vakalatnamas

Above: Zakia Nasim Jafri

Lot of channels and newspapers have recently reported about the sting operation done by Shri Pushp Kumar Sharma and subsequent PIL filed by him in the Supreme Court about the signatures obtained by BJP leaders on blank Vakalatnama from Narmada Bai, mother of Tulsi Prajapati.

If taking signature on blank Vakalatnama is a crime then Ms Teesta Setalvad, who has obtained signature of hundreds of victims and witnesses of Gujarat riots on blank Vakalatnamas should also be tried for this criminal offences claimed Shri Rais Khan Pathan, a former aid of Teesta.

Rais Khan Pathan who is in possession of such signed blank Vakalatnamas by various witnesses and victims has already submitted copy of these Vakalatnamas to SIT and various other authorities but no action has been taken.

Links to download / view copy of two signed blank Vakalatnamas given by Shri Rais Khan are below. One of the blank Vakaltnamas is signed by none other than  Zakia Nasim Jafri, wife of late Congress MP, Ehsaan Jafri, who is complainant in Gulbarg society case and the other blank Vakalatnama is signed by Nannumiyan Rasulmiyan Malek, Madina Banu Malek and others, who are witnesses of Naroda Patiya case.

Rais Khan Pathan has decided to approach Supreme Court with these signed blank Vakalatnamas for action against Teesta Setalvad.