17 February, 2014


Anand Mathur

It's unfortunate that there has been much hue and cry after Penguin recalled Wendy Doniger’s book, The Hindus. India has a policy of free expression, but one cannot accept blatant insult to its sacred deities and the culture of its land.

All of Wendy’s special works, including The Hindus, revolve around slandering Hindu Gods and Goddesses and the subject of sex in Sanskrit texts. Gods & Goddesses are as sacred to the Hindus as Prophet Muhammad is to Muslims and Jesus Christ is to Christians. Just as one cannot attack Prophet Muhammad and Jesus Christ, one cannot attack Hindu Gods & Goddesses.

It is the intention behind Wendy’s writings which is questionable. Will she show the same creativity and the same spirit with Islamic heroes and would she then be able to avoid getting beheaded or getting a fatwa issued in her name?

One also fails to understand why most of our intellectuals, aptly called Wendy's children by Rajiv Malhotra, have different criteria for Salman Rushdie and Taslima Nasreen on one hand and Wendy Doniger and her ilks on the other. Will Arundhati Roy and Ramchandra Guha support Wendy if she were to write about the Prophet’s penis size or discuss his prolific sex-life with similar fervor?

Double standards, bias and hatred describe Wendy’s children. I sincerely hope that Arundhati Roy and Ramchandra Guha ask Penguin to cancel their book contracts so as to stop littering of the Indian intellectual street with poop.