05 December, 2013

Midnapore Muharram Violence - Victory of Vote Bank Politics over Rule of Law ?

Above: Coverage in Kalam newspaper

Large scale disturbances and violence were witnessed during the Muharram procession in Midnapur district town (West Bengal) on the evening of 14th November, 2013. Clashes between Police and Muslims happened on a large scale. Many policemen were injured, at least 2 of them seriously.  At least 30 cars & 20 bikes were damaged. Multiple police cars were burnt. The deity of Bajrangbali was also broken in the temple of Mirza bazar area of Midnapur town. 

Police severely lathi-charged and arrested 42 miscreants. The Muslims demanded their release, however the Police refused. Then Muslims boycotted their Muharram procession with 26 tazias on 15th November. The Dist. Magistrate Muhammad Gulam Ali Ansari soon intervened. Later that night police released the arrested persons under pressure.

Isn't this a victory of Vote Bank Politics over Law & Order, Justice and Humanity ?

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