08 January, 2014

Muzaffarnagar to Mohabbatnagar

Above: Muzaffarnagar to Mohabbatnagar - amazing work by Art of Living volunteers and the Police in riot-hit Muzaffarnagar

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SAHANIS said...

How you deal with local who have adopted an enemy culture of hate and killings. Our local hindus now follow not the native or root culture of their for fathers but have adopted our enemy culture. Now a convert Hindu is killing a non convert Hindu of the same race. and destroying own nation our enemy love this . Now they have a new system destroy a nation using locals. Unless Converts are made to understand the roots this Love will not evolve.
Our politicians , spiritual leaders of converts and non converts afraid to pin point these facts to these poor ,uneducated masses . AS they don't want them to live in peace. Only Dr Subramaim Swamy has said these words of same DNA courageously.