12 May, 2013

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar - A Modern Messiah

Above: After Hurricane Katrina, Sri Sri visits the survivors in Austin, Texas, USA

By Acharya Ratnananda

There are times in the history of men and nations, when massive multitudes of people manage to land themselves and others in a crisis; when wars are waged attempting to win peace; when actions are negatively divorced from speech, and speech from thought; when leaders turn traitors and the people are pushed by uncertainty and pulled by indecision; when living seems to violate the aims of life.

At those times, nature in her benevolence, comes to he rescue of mankind by producing men and women of God, who rise above the multitude, who infuse a charm to challenge, who replace our sights with their visions, and manage to pull back the planet from the brink; when with a sigh of relief and release, the world limps back to normalcy.

Thirty centuries ago, a great man stood up and said, “Accept not anything that does not conform the truth.”  Two thousand years ago, another great man cried out, “Accept love and not hatred as the mainstay of your life.”

Twenty centuries later, today, we also have a few great men.  More of them than before, because we are more complex.  One of them stands up and says, “Accept people as they are, not as you want them to be.”

He preaches and practices a life of love, laughter, music and meditation.  His sermons reach half the globe, and His presence enthralls millions.  He infuses a new vision to the old concepts and leads people along the path of dynamic liberalism in thought, word and deed.  He is His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, considered as one of the three wise men, that modern times have produced.

Given in the following pages are a few of His thought provoking words, which shock and shake away many deep routed maladies.  They hit you with the force of a bullet; but they also pleasantly inject you with fun and frolic, love and laughter, relief and release and finally with faith and fervor.

Extract from More Light On Less Known by Acharya Ratnananda

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