02 June, 2013

Hindu Girl kidnapped in West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee’s office hand in glove with Islamists

Payel Mondal, a Hindu Schedule Caste minor, born on 12 August 1995 was kidnapped at the age of 17 years 2 months on 27 November 2012 by an Islamists backed Muslim family against her wishes from her uncle’s place in Murshidabad.

Payel, a resident of District Malda, was blackmailed with a morphed picture of hers depicting her topless.

Her poor parents are running from pillar to post for justice as the whereabouts of the girl are known to the Police and the Administration.

From the Investigating Officer (IO), to the SP of Malda and Mamata Banerjee's PA Sankha Subhra Chakraborty have had the shamelessness to tell the hapless parents that the “girl will return when she is 18”!

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