28 March, 2013

Caught Lying: Human Rights Watch's Meenakshi Ganguly

Human Rights Watch's South Asia director Meenakshi Ganguly in her piece dated 24th February, 2012 has stated "that anti-Muslim riots .. killed nearly 2,000 people" (Screenshot 1).

Minister of State in the Ministry of Home Affairs Shriprakash Jaiswal stated in Rajya Sabha on 11th May, 2005 that "254 Hindus and 790 Muslim were killed in the post Godhra riots of 2002" (Screenshot 2).

Hence the correct number of people killed is 1044 and not 2000 as stated by Meenakshi Ganguly !!

Above: Screenshot 1 / Right-click and 'save link as' for large size image

Above: Screenshot 2 / Right-click and 'save link as' for large size image

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Anonymous said...

Ms Ganguly is a peddler of lies and imperialist propaganda. She has no conscience and shame. Her stance on Syria is the latest example. While Syria is facing an invasion and people are facing death and human misery of unimaginable proportions instead of calling for a stop to foreign insertion of terrorists into Syria she is being a mouthpiece of lies and propanganda. Is this lady an Indian citizen? Was she born and raised in India? Where does her loyalties lie?