16 July, 2012

Mamata Banerjee - Anarchist or Islamist?

Anand Mathur

Mamata Banerjee’s rule of Bengal has revealed her dark side to the public. The woman that was worshipped by the masses is now reviled and feared by them. It is a matter of time before the CPI (M) realizes her follies and capitalizes on them like Tarun Gogoi. I will explain how later.

Bengal regularly has its Mulayamesque moments these days. Her Government has illegally promised 3 cottahs of land and Rs. 2,500 per month honorarium to the Imams of 30,000 mosques of Bengal. She then followed it up with a Rs. 1,000 per month honorarium to the Muezzins of the mosques. Besides these unconstitutional acts she has used the backdoor to provide reservations to Muslims in government jobs.

Bengal is rife with communal riots these days but they go unreported due to media black-out. The fanatics among the Muslims have never had it better before. She is known to kow-tow to top Islamist zealots, known people with dubious backgrounds and ISI links and to assure them of her support in lieu of the blinkered minority community vote banks they control.

Due to her pressure the BSF is being forced to take a back-seat in protecting our borders from infiltration. During the last years of CPI (M) and Chidambaram’s tenure there was a measure of control regained on the eastern borders.

Again over the last few months she has had supporters of Hindu Samhati (a hindu action forum) beaten mercilessly and jailed, when they protested against police inaction in riot hit areas. She has tried to stop their legal protests and her government has faced humiliation in the court for its ham handedness and illegal moves against the organization.

Hundreds of homes of the majority community and places of religious worship have been burnt and desecrated without any action from the administration.

Rapes and kidnappings of majority community girls and women are common and the names of the alleged perpetrators of these crimes sound like they are from a specific minority community. However, these criminals are protected by their community leaders under contorted Islamist policies and intolerance of diversity.

“Majority” community homes and lands are encroached upon with audacity and tenants eliminated. The administration does not react due to their fear of Mamata’s blatant interference. Mosques regularly mushroom next to temples with the sole purpose of disrupting the peace of the area. It is an open secret that Wahhabis of Saudi Arabia are funding these mosques spectacularly to spread their poisonous version of religious bigotry. In a move that defies belief she has agreed to recognize thousands of such Madrasas!

The recent episode of rioting after a local newspaper made a gaffe shocked the complacent Hindus of Kolkata too.

Despite this the left remains crippled and unable to capitalize on the situation. The truth is that the so called “seculars” and the “Hindu right wingers” are unanimous in their feelings of disgust about the blatant appeasements of Islamists.

The Assamese people united to vote Tarun Gogoi to power and the BJP lost several seats when he took the correct administrative stand.

The CPI (M) should realize the same. Mr. Buddhadeb Bhattacharaya was already pro-Industry and had its support unlike Mamata who has alienated all. CPI (M) should not shy from a confrontation with the Islamists. All secular and Hindu votes will automatically consolidate in their favour.

Nevertheless, Mamata Banerjee remains blinkered about what the people want and how to go about it. She recently did announce a grant and autonomy for Ramakrishna Mission to shore up her sagging image but then she continues to swing her sword in the dark with dangerous motivations.

Illustration / Satish Acharya


Anonymous said...

Time arrivedall over india to start hindu rennaissance and unite hindus to savd india from.muslim occupation if hindu india.they have taken pakistan bangladesh from india now trying to make india a muslim nation put all hindus under muslim rule like mughals.india wud be talibanised by congress tmc sp bsp rjd ljp who for power and votes neglecting hindus taking thm as granted

Anonymous said...

"Official India has chosen to forget a millennium of Islamic intolerance and brutality. Millions of butchered Indians have no right to be remembered, not even in history textbooks, where invaders are sometimes turned into heroes. Sadly, this ostrich-like attitude leaves the wounds open and condemns us to relive the past rather than heal it."

Anonymous said...

So sad to see that a religion that could make the real humanity flourish is dying a slow death by the hands of its followers who never learn from past mistakes. It is a matter of only some years before a demand of separate country starts from eastern India( East UP+Bihar+ WB)

Anonymous said...

Her slavish obedience in changing her stand every time to dictates of the Congress high Command is seemingly under duress as painted by her,it means she is being blackmailed on some secret failures in politics.What is it,if it is not a drama?

Anonymous said...

we must take it seriously....