14 July, 2012

French national channel France 2's bais, lies & deceit


1. Francois Gautier's article in DNA exposes the bais, lies & deceit behind France 2 journalist Pierre Monegier's story about Indian Gurus (Satya Sai Baba, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Swami Ramdev, etc). Link to copy of Francois Gautier's DNA article

2. Pierre Monegier says Francois Gautier's 'article is a lie'. Screenshot of Pierre Monegier's tweet below:

Facts: DNA has deleted Francois Gautier's article but has not published Pierre Monegier's version.

3. Pierre Monegier says 'have it (the France 2 story) translated' from French to English. Screenshot of Pierre Monegier's tweet below:

Fact: France 2 has removed 'the (story) link' from their website.

4. France 2 has also removed the video (of the story) from YouTube. Screenshot below:

5. English translation of Pierre Monegier's voice-over of the Art of Living story:

Pierre Monegier: "The AOL complex is a gigantic resort with many hotels and restaurants, an Ayurveda centre for medicines, and innumerable boutiques dedicated to Sri Sri Shankar. An expounder of non-violence and meditation, he is also the chief of this flourishing business."

Voice from crowd: "Please hug me"

Pierre Monegier: "This small man has had a phenomenal success. We huddled to follow his teaching. Most of his disciples pour into the organization 10% of their income."

Sri Sri: "I am like any other doctor - a specialist who can make people happy. The ultimate goal is, after all, to find happiness."

Pierre Monegier: "Some of these auto-proclaimed popes of Hinduism have a flavor of scandal to them."

Story moves on to Satya Sai Baba......

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