03 July, 2012

Guru Poornima: The Birthday of a Dalit Maharishi

Above: A scene from the historical epic, Mahabharata

Maharishi Veda Vyas was born to a fisher-woman. He is considered as the greatest of the Rishis. He compiled the Puranas, organized the Vedas, and wrote the Brahma Sutras and the Mahabharata. His birthday is celebrated as Guru Purnima.

Source: The Heritage of Dalits


Anjani said...

This is the kind of "trying to be inclusive" nonsense that is going to make a mash of our religion. Veda vyasa was born to Rishi Parashar and a fisherwoman. Indian tradition considers him a Brahmana by birth. Why are you trying to mis-label his character as being a Dalit? Is there a caste called dalit anywhere?

Please stop promoting false concepts just because they could be more appealing and, now-a-days, politically correct. If this is the outlook, what complaint do you have for those that promote "secularism"?

paratrup2012 said...

Those who are sannyasis are neither brahmana nor dalits. They are beyond caste.

k v krishnaswami said...

The caste as it is now did not exist during Mahabharatha period nor is there any mention in Vedas.The division in human society was based on profession and their charecter