09 May, 2014

‪What Media should ask Rahul Gandhi

Anand Mathur‬

The country does not know Rahul's administrative capabilities. Why did he not take any ministerial responsibility in the 10 years of the UPA Government when the PM was willing to give him any Ministry he wished for?

By opting to head a Ministry, Rahul could have shown his mettle, his work, proven his capability and shown what he stands for.

In the absence of proven experience Indians are unaware of his capabilities. Therefore what right does he have, specially after shirking serious responsibility for 10 years, to lecture on the performance of Gujarat?

While the Gandhi's spread falsehood on Gujarat they have no explanation for the huge wealth build-up of their son-in-law Robert Vadra nor on the lacklustre and terrible performance of the UPA on all fronts of governance.

The point is very simple, why are other political parties not questioning his credentials on governance? He has wasted 10 years under the shadow of his mother shirking responsibility even while callously insulting the seat of the PM.

He did not even perform his constitutional responsibility of attending the Parliament or attending to development work in Amethi (His constituency).

He has raised 0 questions in the Parliament (national average is 300), participated in 2 debates (national average is 37.9) and his attendance is barely 43% (national average is 76%) during his tenure in Parliament.

By having accepted any important ministerial berth, as offered to him on a platter by Manmohan Singh, Rahul could have gained useful experience in governance and boosted his own credentials.

Now his mother tells the citizens, we have given to you RTI, RTE, FS, MNREGA. She adds, that they will give all citizens Right to Health, Right to Home and in exchange she demands they vote for herself and her son. She almost guarantees that people will not have to work any more and that the money required to run the country will come from somewhere inexplicable, probably already bankrupt Italy!

The whole family is so desperate to win the 2014 elections that they can give you anything in exchange for votes and a return to power!

To achieve their goal, Sonia, Daughter and Son are indulging in all sorts of lies, inaccuracies and filthy language. Daughter Priyanka occasionally appears on the scene during elections and then disappears until the next elections, all the while helping her husband make money.

This dynasty has perpetuated enough horrors on a nation that reposed its trust in them and gave them love.

Its time we got rid of this brat pack and show them their place - in prisons or political exile.

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