29 June, 2012

Rajiv Gandhi's Assassination: Did Congress collude with LTTE?

AICC collusion with LTTE not explored: Intelligence officer

By Janak Singh

NEW DELHI: Senior Intelligence Officials view Congress attempts to pin the blame for the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi on Dravida Munnetra Khazhagam (DMK) as a red herring to divert attention from All India Congress Committee's (AICC) role in the tragedy.

"The phone records of Madras Raj Bhavan, AICC and 10, Janpath, on the day of the assassination (21 May 1991) will show that it was on the insistence of Congress VIPs that Rajiv Gandhi went to Sriperumbudur," said a former adviser to the Tamil Nadu Governor in 1991. He added that the Tamil Nadu administration had clearly warned Rajiv Gandhi "against going to Sriperumbudur."

A Senior intelligence officer disclosed: "Top members of AICC actually wanted Rajiv Gandhi to spend the night in Sriperumbudur at the home of a rich Congressman. Then it was pointed out that Rajiv Gandhi's proposed bedroom was immediately above a godown where explosive could have been stored. Only then did the AICC bigwigs agree that Rajiv Gandhi should return to Madras after making the speech at Sriperumbudur."

Top intelligence officials claimed that the then Tamil Nadu administration as well as the Intelligence Bureau sent several warnings to 10, Janpath, advising against the visit. "Senior Congress leaders including some who are today loudest in shedding crocodile tears, refused to listen and insisted that Rajiv Gandhi should go to that unsafe place." a senior IB official said. When asked to give names, he mentioned Margaret Alva as one of those in favour of Rajiv Gandhi going to Sriperumbudur.

"For reasons of its own the Jain Commission has not investigated the link between the LTTE and top members of Congress in Tamil Nadu," a senior Tamil Nadu official said. "For example, LTTE sympathisers were given passes and other assistance by the family of the then AICC general secretary Maragatham Chandrashekhar," he alleged, pointing out that Chandrashekhar's daughter is even today a prominent Congress leader in Tamil Nadu. "This lady accompanied several dangerous pro-LTTE elements into the inner cordon. Why didn't the Jain Commission investigate her thoroughly," the Tamil Nadu Officials asked...

The Times of India, 18th November, 1997. Reproduced in 'Buried Facts', Dravida Munnetra Kazgham, Chennai, August 1998. Courtesy: Dr. Subramanian Swamy's book 'Sri Lanka in Crisis: India's Options'

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Anonymous said...

Similarly, the phone calls of Congress men should be examined for there is a likelihood that they fanned the Gujarat riots. The courst and media were obsessed in trying to fix Modi instead of finding out who was actually behind that.