03 December, 2017

Whither Delhi University: It can be told now

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Dr. I.P. Mittal
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Nov 30, 2009

Whither Delhi University: It can be told now

On 23.04.2005 Delhi University Academic Council and on 29.04.2005 the University Executive Council approved the proposal of conferment of title of “Emeritus Professor” on Prof C R Babu in its meeting in which Prof. C.R. Babu participated in the deliberation of the approval of the proposal of Vice Chancellor for conferment of the title upon himself without any documentary evidence of having made any outstanding contribution to his subject by his published research work and teaching presented to the members for consideration.

Further as Prof. C R Babu was in service and was to retire on 30.06.2005 it was decided that as the Ordinance stipulated this conferment of the title only on professors who have retired, the decision was to be implemented with effect from 1.7.2005.

On the basis of the above facts and actual record of the minutes of Academic Council and Executive Council meetings it is evident that this title of “Professor Emeritus” on Prof. C.R. Babu has been conferred by violating all provisions of Ordinance XII-B.

Prof. C R Babu was appointed as a Professor in Botany Department, University of Delhi  in 1996 but he has been conferred the title as “Professor Emeritus” in “Environmental Studies”, a subject which appeared in the Statute Books of Delhi University in 2000.

Following extracts from a letter no. D.O. No. F-20-19/2009- Desk U, dated 08.09.2009 addressed to Prof. Deepak Pental, Vice Chancellor Delhi University by MHRD Director Mr. R.D. Sahnay will establish the above inference.

* “Prima facie there have been procedural lapses in the processing of the case of Prof. C.R. Babu before the retirement on 30.06.2005 and that the conferment was in violation of the “University Ordinance  XII-B “Professor Emeritus”.

But conferment of this title on Prof. C.R. Babu has been extensively used by the University authorities in projecting a letter dated 11.06.2005 generated under the signature of Shri Kanwar Manjit Singh who was appointed as Finance Officer on deputation but proclaimed to function on 10.06.2005 as Registrar when Dr. A.K. Dubey was the functional Registrar appointed by the Executive Council of the University of Delhi under the provisions of Statute 11-K.

When Dr. A.K. Dubey, the Registrar was availing one day’s casual leave on 10.06.2005 and was in town, it is interesting to note that the hand written leave application of Dr. Dubey dated 9th June 2005 was approved by Prof. C.R. Babu as Pro-Vice Chancellor who also specifically ordered the Finance Officer to officiate as Registrar during the period of leave of absence of Dr. Dubey.

It will be interesting to note that this letter dated 11.06.2005 was signed by Mr. Kanwar Manjit Singh as Registrar and Finance Officer on 11.06.2005 which appears to be Saturday when all University Offices remain closed and no administrative activity is expected to be carried out. University authorities have not been able to supply any information as to why and in response to which query or request this letter came on record on 11.06.2005 except three copies of identical letters mentioned below.

1. No.  R/ 2005/1915 dated June 11, 2005  to the Vice Chairman Delhi Development Authority, Vikas Sadan, New Delhi.
2. No. R/2005/1916 dated June 11, 2005 to Shri S. Natesh, Additional Secretary, Dept. of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science & Technology, CGO Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi.
3. No. R/2005/1917 dated June 11, 2005 to Dr. Pradipto Ghosh, Secretary Ministry of Environment & Forest, Parayavaran Bhawan, Lodhi Road, New Delhi 110 003

In my next communication an effort will be made to deduce the inferences  that follow from the contents of these letters and  happenings stated above the purpose supposed to be achieved for achieving the objectives for which Delhi University was established in 1922.

(I.P. Mittal)
Member Delhi University Court

E-327, Greater Kailash Part I,
New Delhi 110 048

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