04 November, 2014

Lt. Col. Purohit had reported about the West Bengal situation way back in 2007, Kerala is next!

Above: Muslims, and some illegal Bangladeshis protested in Burdwan, West Bengal, against NIA investigation of Burdwan Bomb blast

1. The latest developments with regards Burdwan blast and surfacing of various terror modules are not surprising in any case. The matter was first reported by Lt. Col. Purohit way back in 2007 vide letter no 106/LU/G, pg no 1A dated 8 January 2007. He had specifically mentioned that a new modus operandi had surfaced then in which the clerics / Maulvis from Bangladesh were settling down in West Bengal – Kolkata and were trafficking weapons, explosives and ammunition into India.

2. Further Purohit had mentioned in the same letter that these Maulvis were acting as “Placement Agencies”. The majority of these illegal migrants were then settled in and around Major Indian Cities eg. Pune, Banglore, Nashik etc.

3. These reports he had provided in the capacity of Intelligence Officer, OC, A Team 3 Det and addressed to HQ SCLU, Pune.

4. Further he had also worked out and prepared a detail presentation with regards SIMI and ISI in which he had specified that five regions in India would experience major terrorist activities. One such region termed as Islamistan as targeted by ISI is the area of West Bengal, Assam and Tripura. The present developments are thus a part of ISI strategy to fuel Islamistan movement.

5. In the same presentation, Purohit had specified a bullet point as “Political Patronage” and “Vote Bank aimed Politics”. Today the Bardwan incident has proved his analysis and reading and reporting of situation more than correct and pin point.

6. Purohit had further stated in his presentation about “Islamic Necklacing Of Major Indian Cities” by creating settlements of illegal Bangladeshi Migrants and Islamist Fifth Columnists with an aim to create law and order situation by carrying out Rail and Road blocks in the time of need especially when the Armed Forces are to be mobilised at the time when external aggression is imminent or otherwise.

7. Purohit had tried seeking these documents from Central Information Commission. The ISI and SIMI Presentation is now a part of his chargesheet whereas letter No 106/LU/G dated 08 Jan 2007 is a part of Army Court of Inquiry as one of the exhibits.

8. If his reading of the situation is to be right and correct; then the next spurt in the terror related activities are going to be observed in areas of Kerala – which ISI has termed as ‘Moplistan Movement’ and in Telangana and Andhra region termed as ‘Usmanistan Movement’

30 Oct 2014

Today’s latest:

Owaisi of All India Majlis – e – Ittehadul – Muslim (AIMIM) has stated that he would create unity among MIM – Bhim i.e. (AIMIM) and dalits. This was reported by Purohit way back in 2006 – 2007 in his letter no 106/LU/G that ISI through, through ‘Sambhaji Brigade’ is trying unification of 3 M's – Mahar, Marathas and Muslims.

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