13 September, 2012

US Ambassador Stevens raped, body dragged in Libya, will the moderate Khan trio, Shahrukh, Salman and Aamir condemn this continuing cycle of violence?

Above: US Ambassador Stevens raped (http://exm.nr/QJunGy), body dragged (http://exm.nr/Or7xVX) in Libya.

Anand Mathur

Does condemning this act make us right wingers? Where are the moderates in the Islamic community? Will they stand up and be counted? How many are they and where are they? Why are they not risking their lives for the sake of humanity?

Despite the brutal and agonizing violence hidden in the society and in the castes and divisions of the Christians, Hindus and Muslims, many countries and civilizations have increasingly upheld Human Values in their fight (whether violent or peaceful) for independence or social reforms.

However, the intolerance of the Islamic jihadis and their treatment of Kafirs has been inhuman and sickening at all times.

Whether the Jihadis were funded by the US in earlier decades or by the Saudis and Iran in the present times, the Muslims have to decide for themselves whether they want to go back to the Stone Age or not. If not, they have to fight with their own people and make them give up their destructive and retrograde utopian ideals. The moot question remains, "who are the role models in their community?"

Will the moderate Khan trio, Shahrukh, Salman and Aamir stand up and condemn this continuing cycle of violence?

The horrible attack and killings in the attack on the Indian embassy in Kabul comes to mind. The suffering of mankind from this fundamentalism, of the innocent children and women of the killers of this ambassador, now to face retribution, are a terrible reminder of this unending violence.

Mother Earth and we, her children, do not need to be condemned to another global war that is already being waged but threatens to blow out of proportions.

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