22 February, 2012

Rajiv Gandhi KGB payoffs allegation - KGB: The State Within a State

Yevgenia Albats is Russia's best known and internationally respected journalist. She has been awarded Russia's Golden Pen award, Russia's highest journalism honour as well as the prestigious Nieman Fellowship of Harvard University among others. Her thesis on the influence of KGB in Russia has won her wide accolades. She was one of the key nominees to investigate the KGB's role in the coup against Mikhail Gorbachev's government in 1991. Before that she was an outspoken anti-KGB reporter in the Glasnost era. Her family saw several anti-semitic and "dissent" based crackdowns, as did many other Russians. Despite the intense suffering and all pervasive fear in the society Ms. Albats continued her struggle.

Her research of the Archives of KGB was extensive and well documented. She exposed the shameful and horrendous deeds of several under cover KGB officers in Public debates, challenging them to counter her claims.

In her book 'The State Within A State: The KGB and its hold on Russia - Past, Present and Future', Yevgenia Albats claims that erstwhile Prime Minister of India Rajiv Gandhi was on the payroll of the KGB through front companies when his mother Indira Gandhi was the Prime Minister of India. This fact is stated on page 223 of her book. The source of this information i.e. the KGB Archive, is mentioned in the Bibliography thereof on page 380 pt 25 in detail. Both are produced above.

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