08 July, 2011

Francois Gautier targets Manu Joseph 's deep rooted prejudice

From: Francois Gautier
Date: 2011/7/8
Subject: your article in the New York Times
To: josephmanu@gmail.com
Cc: letters@nytimes.com, editorial@nytimes.com, nytnews@nytimes.com

Sub: your article in the New York Times (Link)

Mr. Manu Joseph,

I am journalist like you: correspondent in South Asia of the French daily Le Figaro for ten years, now editor of La Revue de l’Inde (Editions l’Harmattan, Paris) the only magazine solely dedicated to India in the French speaking world (20.000 copies per issue).

Also a writer, author of a dozen books in French and English. Amongst them ‘The Art of Healing (Harper Collins, 2010), The Guru of joy (Hay House USA, 100.000 copies sold), La Caravane Intérieure (Paris, Les Belles Lettres).

I am a too born Christian. My father, a very good man, was a devout catholic; my uncle was the parish head of the famous church Saint Jean de Montmartre.

I also live in India and am married to an Indian from Delhi. But the comparison stops there. I have respect for India’s ancient culture and would never dare running it down the way you did.

The history of respect and devotion to Gurus is a very ancient tradition and is something that is both spontaneous and natural to millions of Indians. I have also interacted for many years with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and observed that he is engaged in countless charity works, both in India and abroad; that he gives selflessly his time to others, never getting angry, never getting impatient, in the nearly 20 years I have known him. His Sudarshan Kriya technique has brought joy, energy and well-being to millions of people, including me – I would recommend it to all journalists, who are subjected to so much stress and unhealthy life styles.

What I have also observed during my many years in India is that not only both the Hindus and Indian media will never run down the Pope or Indian bishops, but will even go to churches, even if they are Hindus, because they recognize that God takes many forms and incarnations. But apparently you, and many other Christians in India, do not reciprocate this respect.

What you have indeed shown is that your Christian identity takes precedence over the impartiality you should show as a journalist. With no direct knowledge of the Art of Living foundation, or of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s work, you have used the power of the Word, to slander your own culture, that too in such a prestigious publication as the New York Times, taking advantage of the innocence and ignorance of India of most of its readers.

Shame on you!

Francois Gautier
Rédacteur en chef La Revue de l'Inde
41 Jorbagh, New Delhi 110003, Inde.


Pady said...

In India, we have enemies within, because those present day christians most of them offsprings of Hindus converted underlure and coersion a few decades ago, are more venomous than the Christians in the west, who are noble and truly spiritual except the Church and Western political system which wants to break india through these indian born traitors.

FG has always displayed such honesty and trasparency in his writing that brings shame to Hindus as well. The majority Hindus have accepted to abuse their own tradition as the Poitical establishment has nurtured minoritysm for political end which has conditioned the Hindu Mind and colonised it. I respect you FG and Indian nationalists are gratefl to you , proud of you.'Padmanabhan Iyer, Boston

Anonymous said...

Very good Mr. Francois. These semi-educated people think they can comment on everything under the sun without having tried a hand at understanding the subject. These are the prejudiced and bigotted fools that create hell in the society

santhosh hosur panchegowda said...

well said mr.Francois

Vijayalakshmi said...

I was wondering whether this wicked Manu Joseph was a Goebelsian marxist or a satanic crosstian. He is obviously running down Hindu spiritual leaders for the sake of money from the anti-Hindu lobby.Thank you Mr.Gautier, for your excellent rebuttal to the bigot!

IndicRace said...

Well, what can we expect from a person whose ancestors probably converted to Christianity for a few thousand rupees or for a bicycle? Read my post on the mentality of such converts,


vishwa said...

a reply was due to mr Joseph. who netter than MR gautier. thanks sir

Jayaraman Rajah Iyer said...

My Home Page is http://www.esatsang.net/ There is a Quote for the Moment of Sri Sri. Every time I see I am surprised how it fits exactly to what my mind is searching for. Guru is within you. He is always within you. Try this fantastic experience to believe in yourself. Francois has brought out the best by this letter, the importance of Gurru.

prashhanthkpp said...

Your response to Manu Joseph's slanderous article on SSRS was not only in bad taste but, as you rightly said, more of his Christian than his journalistic outlook. I am neither a fan nor a follower of SSRS. But that doesn't give me the propriety to criticize him any which way simply because it does not fit in with your schedule. He has amassed millions of followers all around the world with his unique breathing technique. He has brought about a social change in the rich and poor alike, brought them closer to bonding than being materialistic in life. He runs innumerable charitable institutions all around the globe. His sect is not confined to Hindus alone. There are an sizable if not equal amount of Muslims and Christians as his followers. Manu Joseph has banked on half baked truth which he perhaps has obtained from unreliable sources and without researching its authenticity decided to publish it in all his ignorance. A terrible journalistic error. If he has been rewarded adequately for this half baked journalistic superfluity is beside the point. Rather, his journalistic acumen has plunged with this partisan and biased narrative.

Do we need to raise an eyebrow? Well, we already have.

Anonymous said...

People can also take a criticism or two Mr. Gautier. Why do you assume that your unsolicited 'solace' is needed?

Anonymous said...

namaste Shri Francois-ji

Thanks for writing this.


Prathap G. said...

I have read today in Khaleej Times, Dubai, in the Opinion section, Mr Manu Joseph's article "Modern age spiritualism". Whereas Manu is free to be critical about spiritualism and the so-called leaders of it as a Ravi Shankar, in India, painting India in such a colorless manner, especially the "truth" part of it, is deplorable.

He says, Still, the branding of Indian spirituality is so powerful that the young and the old from the West continue to come here in search of the "truth".

Indian spirituality is deep rooted in the minds of "true" Indians that they shall find the "truth". If that doesn't satisfy Manu Joseph, he shall spread his wings and fly all the way to the West, leaving India Mahan as it is and should be.

Prathapan Gopalan (Prathap G Sharjah), also on twitter and facebook.

Anonymous said...

Is Joseph atoning for the sin of releasing radia-barkha tapes ?

Anonymous said...

Another good response to Mr. Manu Joseph: http://www.sandeepweb.com/2011/07/08/manu-josephs-open-ignorance/

Anonymous said...

Good response Francois!

Raj Kumar said...

Hello Mr.Francois Gautier,

That's a very good response by you. I have read your articles from the time they were getting published in The Hindustan Times.

People like deserve to be hit back hard. They are biased and their knowledge of India's ancient culture is zero.

Thank you,
Rajesh Chibba