01 October, 2009

The Truth behind 26/11 - Mumbai

Mumbai attack: Terrorists spoke Marathi Read story

"I am sure there were more than three terrorists in the Taj - we ourselves saw quite a few" - Erika Mann, Member of European Parliament Read story

"Sixteen persons are wanted in the terror attack" - Hasan Gafoor, Commissioner of Police Read story

"They were very, very familiar to the area" - Ex-NSG chief Read story

"Local LeT cells guided 26/11 attackers" - BBC Read story

"Over 40 terrorists involved in Mumbai attacks" - Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Art of Living Founder Watch video

"26/11 could not have happened sans local support" - slain NSG commando’s father Read story

26/11 hero Karkare's wife slams state govt, alleges cover-up Read story

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