18 March, 2012

The History behind Hindu Kush

Mahmud of Ghori defeated Prithviraj Chauhan in the battle of Tarain (Taraori) in 1192. He then gouged out the eyes of Prithviraj Chauhan. However the captive Chauhan valiantly killed Ghori after which the latter's army had the Rajput king killed and dragged mercilessly by a horse. The army of Mahmud of Ghori also enslaved about 50,000 soldiers and their wives and children as part of the war booty. These captives were dragged across the battle field of Tarain (Taraori), present day Haryana, through the plains of Pakistan and over the hills into Afghanistan into the capital city of Ghori. Most Hindu captives did not survive this perilous and inhuman journey over the mountains.

To constantly remind Hindus of this crushing defeat and the misery that they went through, this mountain range was named Hindu Kush by the Afghan rulers.

Source: Hindu Tolerance.. Over The Ages

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Anonymous said...

Thank u for your research and investigations over this subject. Muslims came to India as invaders, looted and raided its people,destroyed temples and attempted to destroy a very rich and tolerant civilization of natives of the land (called Hindus). Post independence these invaders demanded a seperate land for themselves.Now after the partition the remaining India should have been handed over to the natives of this land I.e. Hindus and should have been declared a Hindu Rashtra.