23 June, 2009

Triple eclipse doesn't bode well for humanity

DNA, 23rd June, 2009

If India is racked by tumults from its restful neighbours in the near future, blame it on the universe. This year, starting from July 7, the world will witness a rare celestial drama of a triple eclipse over a period of just one month. If history is any indication, this does not augur well for the world, say the authors of the book Will History Repeat Itself, brought out under the Bharat Gyan series. There could, however, also be positives to emerge like Kurukshetra's great lesson and the divine Gita message, say the authors.

July 7 will witness a lunar eclipse followed by a solar eclipse on July 22 and another lunar eclipse on August 6. Six more triple eclipses will occur over the next decade, point out DK Hari and Hema Hari, the authors. Basing their arguments on arche-historical-astronomical analysis, the authors say the three eclipses that occurred during the first recorded triple eclipse in 3067BC brought the Kuruskshetra war; the second in 3031BC submerged Krishna's Dwaraka and saw the internecine war of the Yadavas.

The Kuruskshetra war killed 47 lakh men and beasts in two weeks. And, it is believed that the war used nuclear-like weapons (even weapons so fearsome that they could kill a baby in the womb, while leaving the mother unharmed). The 20th Century eclipse series saw two world wars and the world's first and only nuclear attack. "It was a war of clans; of brothers -- India and Pakistan are like brothers. Could there be a parallel?" The authors wondered aloud at a media-briefing held in the city on Monday.

Triple eclipses are also linked to Biblical stories of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. Pleading not to dismiss the celestial happenings as "exotic tales" Hari said the effect of the realignment of heavenly bodies are based on a scientific fact. "When the Earth is caught between the Sun and the Moon, a huge gravitational pull between the Sun and the planets affects the speed of the Earth's rotation. This, in turn, will affect the motion of tectonic plates that could fall out of sync with the Earth's rotational speed. Tremors are the result."

Commenting on the book, Art of Living founder, Sri Sri Ravishankar said man is powerless in the cosmic scheme of things, but his spirituality could save him from a cataclysmic impact. "The microcosm and macrocosm are interconnected. Nothing exists in isolation," he observed.

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This is very interesting article considering somethings are beyond our control..so lets watch wat happens this time.